Ethical Hacking: Enumeration Practice (Journal 1)

We were given an assignment and was asked to fulfil the following:

  1. Network and IP Space
  2. Enumeration User
  3. Enumeration User Email


We were recommended to use the following tools:

  1. wpscan
  2. jooscan
  3. TheHarvester
  4. Google
  5. Nmap


The following is my solution:


Network and IP Space

I used theharvester to check any hostnames IPs available.
I typed the following in terminal:


 No need to worry about the “warning” because it is just telling us that theHarvester does not work in any site that has ssl.

The function of -d is to search for any domain or name of a company.
The function of -b is to choose the data source such as bing, google, twitter, etc.

After typing “theharvester -d -b google”, I received the results as the following:


Enumeration User

I used wpscan to enumerate user from and typed the following:

” –url ” is used to scan the url of the blog we want to scan.

” –enumerate u ” means enumerating users.


It produced the result as the following:


Enumeration User Email

I used theharvester and typed “theharvester -d -b gooogle”, but unfortunately there was no email found.

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